Council Strategy

Breage Parish Council - Strategy

In recent years the council has developed a number of other important strategies to assist with the effective delivery of local services within its area.

These are available for viewing or downloading in Adobe PDF format. Just click on any of the strategy documents below to view them.
Model Publication Scheme 3 August 2021
Information available and charges made


Statement of Intent on Training
Commits to providing officers and members with the necessary training and development opportunities to ensure the Council can meet its aims and objectives.


Community Engagement Strategy
Aims to improve the way in which the council engages and consults its residents and partners on important issues.

Local Democracy & Citizenship Strategy
Seeks to ensure that all members of the community can become and remain informed, involved and active citizens.

With the transition from District/County councils to a the single Unitary Authority, it is likely that further responsibilities will be devolved to parish and town councils.