The Parish Council

The Parish Council represents the first tier of Local Government, serving the needs of the local community. Residents of Breage Parish can seek advice and guidance on various matters pertaining to the local area. We will endeavour to assist at first hand, or to forward matters to the unitary authority, the Cornwall Council.

Public Sector Bodies (website and mobile applications) Accessibility Regulations

Breage Parish Council is a progressive Council and is aware of the requirements of the regulation, Public Sector Bodies (web site and mobile applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018.

The purpose of this note is to explain the process and the ongoing development of the website in order to reassure our users of our intentions.

At the present time the scale, usage and updating of the website is carried out in house by the Councils sole employee.

It is considered that it would place a “ disproportionate burden” upon the finances and resources of the council to implement the full changes being recommended. It is therefore Breage Parish Council’s intention to carry out annual reviews of our online services to ensure that we deliver the best possible service to our parishioners and the wider public.

Over the course of this change should you require any item on the website in a different form ie larger print , enhanced contrast please contact the Clerk.

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Breage Parish Council’s requested loan from the Public Works Loan Board August 2019

Breage Parish Council received a Public Works Loan Board for a loan of £31,000, repayable over 6 years to enable 43 Streetlights to be updated by SSE and then be taken over by Cornwall Council. The repayments of the loans and interest will be less than that already at present paid for repairs, maintenance and electricity for the streetlights.