Published: 08 December 2022


VOLUNTEERS are needed for Ashton and Praa Sands sites

Community Speed Watch is a scheme to allow volunteers to monitor the speed of passing vehicles using a hand-held speed detection device.

The volunteers record the details of vehicles which are exceeding the speed limit by around 10%. These details are passed to the Police, who will issue a letter to the vehicle owner, advising them of the dangers of speeding, and reminding them of the law. If three letters are issued to the same vehicle owner, the Police carry out further investigation.

Only two to four volunteers are allowed to operate at one site at a time, and they must be in plain view of vehicle drivers at all times with high visibility jackets.

A SPEED WATCH group cannot operate without a Co-ordinator so a volunteer Co-ordinator for each site is needed. 

Volunteers are therefore needed before the scheme can start. At least 6 members are needed.

Approved sites at:

Ashton on the A394 by the bus stop on the south side of the road. Monitoring traffic from East to West

Praa Sands on the A394 adjacent to public footpath on south side of road.


Procedures & Safety Training (i.e. on-line basic training) must be completed. (Google ‘’Community Speed Watch’). Once the volunteers have completed their own on-line training on the Speed Watch website they will show as “volunteers waiting to be approved”.

The Team will then need to be roadside trained by carrying out at least 3 on-road training sessions. PCSO Julia Berry has access to the equipment as soon as anyone shows an interest.

Then the team will be ready to operate alone.


Would you kindly let the Parish Clerk know if you do volunteer? Thank you.

01326 574781